Colonel Red – Wireless Soldierz

Some more heat coming out of the Tokyo Dawn Records camp to start your week off with. Tokyo Dawn, who have been publishing music since the beginning, the pioneers of the netaudio scene reconvened in 2009 and continued getting unique stuff out to the people with a variety of bands and sounds. The latest from Colonel Red, “Wireless Soldierz” is a soul filled bag that cures what ails you. This comes off a seven track EP of the same name that contains elements of deep funk, as the good colonel’s vocals take you higher like Sly and deal with social issues on tracks like “The Same Stop Game”, Mixing it up, there is some future funk on “Sunspot”, as well as some deep electronic soul on “You Make Me Feel Right” and “Wake”. We particularly dig “Redlight”, who’s slow and dusty feel fill you up and give you the feels like nothing else. Shades of Otis, Al, and Aloe Blacc give way to some tight synthy grooves that have that super late night, after hours vibe. We’re talking Roger getting sexy w/out the talk box. Rounding out this 30 minute and a half of music is the track “Stand”, which is on some 90’s R &B ish is a perfect way to finish this EP. We are impressed with Colonel Red’s latest effort, and you will be too. Stream the single below:

Buy the record here, available through Tokyo Dawn Records July 3rd.

Keep Diggin’!

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