Alemayehu Eshete – Alteleyeshegnem

Reagrded as one of the golden voices of Ethiopia, Alemayehu Eshete is an artist you must be on the look out for. Very adept and a pioneer at interpreting soul music from the United States, he has become a stand out and leader of Ethiopian music since his first hit “Seul” way back in 1961. His way of keeping up with the latest exports from the States is unparalleled. On this 45, that tradition continues. This time around the track “Alteleyeshegnem” is reinterpreted by the Philophon house band. Adding a tougher as nails, funky and heavy beat, you will find a most definite funkier version than the original. From the first beat drop until the vocals ride in, this song is magical as well as infectious. A beautiful relick of Ethiopian music. The super soulful flip “Temar Ledje” is sweet like Destaya, and the heavy vibes are a must. The Philophon band hits it just right on this late night groover perfect for a summer day and more. If this is your first foray into Ethiopian sounds and the like, you are in luck, this record via reinterpretation is seriously top notch. A lot to discover from this point on. I remember my man Binky telling me years ago that there was more to Ethiopian music than “Yegele Tezeta”, as good as that is. Man he was absolutely right. Stream both of the records below and purchase the 45, which includes unlimited streaming as well as a high quality download too.

Buy the record here.

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