Mako & Mr. Bristow: Resense 043 – Stank Soul Edits Vol. 3

For those who love soul edits, today we have a special treat. After much success with the first two volumes, Mako & Mr. Bristow are back again with another forty five that was flipped for the dance floor and your listening pleasure as well. With two sides of sister funk, this one doubles up two times on the heaviness, flipping Southern ballads and late night siren loves tales into a proper re-lick you will sure to want in your bag. Both previous edits packed a punch, and this third seven does as well. Soul Stank is a proper title, because these tunes are stanky and get funky with soul. Many try to do an edit like these two, but fall short. Mako and Mr. Bristow know what ears and legs want and they keep delivering time and time again. Don’t sleep on this one folks. As always, for you graphic design geeks like us, they have done another bang up job on the label. Call it record nerdery, call it being a vinyl geek, but a tough record with a dope label gets us every time. Stream the record below and pre-order as well. Mama’s got some heat in her record bag, just you listen.

Pre-order the record here, available September 22nd on Agogo Records.

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