Mothership Connection – Salute

By now you are most likely tired of 4:44 with maybe three good tracks and much hype, full groups of grown men looking like Pirates of The Caribbean in public, and other nonsense that passes for hip hop these days. While the sheeple get fooled, we’re dropping the needle on tracks like “Salute” from Mothership Connection straight out of Manchester, UK. The single revolves around a dark sample but the flow of the crew is undeniable. Originally meeting through hip hop and linked at a local cypher night, this crew from a galaxy far far away embodies the very name of the record they took it from. Joining forces with Manc producer Mankub, they have put out a super dope record of their own that will peak the interests hip hop champions and beat heads alike. We are definitely feeling Mankub’s sample choice for this single as it sets the tone for the whole track from the jump off, and as the each emcee’s verse flows on, just gets better and better. No auto tune here. No, no, no. Just straight raw production and rhymes. This track is a head nodder, and every single time you put it back on it breaks in even more like your favorite pair of trainers. “Stop blink you’ll miss shit.”, and that’s true. Look around, there is top tracks like this if you open your eyes and ears. The full EP, This Train Goes To Junkleberry Junction is available on a 10″ and limited edition cassette for your boom box to blast. While the tapes are now sold out, you can still grab some of the 10″ vinyl for your bag this August. No rabbit in the hat tricks, this intergalactic clique is taking over the galaxy one planet at a time.

Check out the video for the first single “Salute”:

Buy the EP here, and stay tuned for the 10″ which releases in August.

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