Claudia – Mas Que Nada

When these Brazilian records get reissued by Mr. Bongo, there is a collective shout of “take my money please!”, and now with a new USA site, you can own the whole Brazil series (Will not be mad at Mr. Bongo if you send the whole Brazil series for research purposes). We know it’s not the OG’s, but for us it’s the music that counts, and being able to share this music with others brings joy to our hearts and ears. This particular 45, which is BRZ45.066, features Claudia and two very dope sides. “Mas Que Nada”, a track that has been done from everyone from Jorge Ben to Dizzie Gillespie to Miriam Makeba and more, which also includes it in different languages around the globe. The song itself is as catchy as a tune can be, even if you don’t know Portuguese. Claudia’s take on the Ben classic is described as jazzy, folk funk, and we think that fits it to a tee. There are many, many wonderful versions of this side, and we think that Claudia’s version is really up there. The flip side, “Diexa o Morro Cantar” is her very first 7″ released on RGE Brazil in 1965. It’s got that groove baby, and hopefully if you hadn’t heard this track before (we had not), it will have you scrambling for more like it. Down the rabbit hole of Brazilian bangers. Some definite Música popular brasileira and bossa nova sounds on these two records here. Not just perfect for the Summer, but perfect for your ears any time. Listen to both of these tracks and tell us different. Mr. Bongo has been turning heads and ears with all their 45 rpm series, and this Brazilian one is definitely something special. Another banger for the box. Stream both tracks below, and pre-order if it’s your thing.

Pre-order the record here, which ships in about 3 to four weeks.

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