Toli & The Femm Nameless – See Line 10″

Today’s record is one of those deals that if you weren’t there at the time, well, you may have missed it or not heard of it at all. Rewind back to 2003 when The Femm Nameless briefly were ripping up shows in and around Brooklyn. Led by trombonist Toli Nameless, this eight woman afrobeat clique talked the talk and walked the walk and in the spirit of the Godfather, kept the energy high and made these incredible recordings that haven’t seen the light of day (although a few DJs had the demos that still light up dance floors some 14 years later) until now. Recorded in East Flatbush by Sydney Mills (Steel Pulse), the ideas on the record were put together by Toli, super Tom Brenneck (Dapkings, Budos, The Menahan Street Band), and Ernesto Abreau (Antibalas). Although the band itself disbanded some years ago after many live performances, you can transport yourself to the year 2003 when these powerful performances were taking place and feel the energy that this record emits. Their afrobeat cover of Nina Simone’s “See Line Woman” is a complete monster. For anyone who is into afrobeat, this record is a must. It’s incredible, and I dare you not to stand still at any cost. The two other tracks “Talk Da Shit” has a classic sound to it, while the instrumental dub of “Deaf Ears” is a slow ride of percussion, funky horns, and other heat to keep it moving into the early morning like Fela did at The Shrine decades before. This record is 100% pure fire from start to finish. Honestly, one of the top records we have come across in 2017. Limited red vinyl, so don’t sleep. Listen to the tracks below:

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