Lifestyle: Look Beyond Supreme

Photo by Terry Richardson

After getting out of the street wear game about 15 years ago, I still kept my interest in dope clothing lines, unique designers who made classic pieces, and companies who took their individuality seriously in a highly competitive and trendy industry. Like music, the street wear industry runs on trends, and while it’s cool to see somethings come back (classic checks), I could do without tye dye tees and men’s tee shirts that look like skirts with scoop necks. Save that shit for Yeezy. A company that really has people scrambling now (and for many years past) is Supreme. I can honestly say I had one piece of Supreme clothing in my entire life. It was a trucker hat (remember those?) I wore on tour that had a 70’s round gremlin giving the finger with Supreme in the Cooper font. The hat would fray and cut into your head, so after a short time I just cut the patch off. That was my relationship with that brand. Plus I paid $45 bucks for the thing and was definitely sour on the brand after that. Yeah they have done some dope stuff, but the outfit of a Supreme tee and hat as well as some Jordans has become a bit much. There are companies out there who do some great work, and today we wanted to highlight them. We like to lean towards companies that have something to do with music or are DJ related. Here are a few companies that we represent and are feeling as we look beyond Supreme.


Probably the most excited I have been about a vinyl lifestyle brand in a long time. men’s, women’s kids, accessories. They are off to a great start with these first designs. Look for an interview with the founder very soon. A flip of the classic De La Soul title and voila!, you know crates is high.

Who doesn’t have a little vinyl love in them?


This brand recently caught our eye when BK’s Cam Run + Neil Nice were repping it. A brand dedicated to reggae and reggae culture, we are all over this Champion Sound tee that flips the classic Champion logo and font into a Tenor Saw choon.

Jamaica vs. Everything. Self explanatory.

101 Apparel

101 Apparel have been in the game for a long time. With collaborations from artists, DJs, and producers, one of our absolute favorites. Each season the designs are a crisp representation of music genres. DJ lifestyle, and illustrate perfectly what we love about vinyl records and music in general. This Fuse Green collabo sees another color way and is gets the point across.

“The record is culture” snap back. Taking head wear to Brazil and back. Another reason 101 Apparel rocks: their hats.

Humble Gents Social Club

A brand designed “inspired by and for “our thing”. Not just for the match but also to throw on, with a pair of adidas and go down the pub with the lads. Humble Gents Social Club when you’ve been there do it and still partake”. Footy matches, adidas trainers, casual culture, and the odd expensive jacket. Based out of the Netherlands, we did the style and philosophy of this brand.

Sublte logo hit on the front, a lot cooler and more affordable than Supreme. Just sayin’.

A Thousand Words

A picture says a thousand words and this brand captures images (literally) from classic photogs such as Joe Conzo, Charlie Ahearn, Martha Cooper, etc. as well as classic NYC and hip hop related material and puts them on super dope tees. NYC 1982 is a one of a kind.

This Super Record Center print reminds us of the days we spent scouring record shops in NYC looking for that perfect beat. Another winner.

So as we say here at FMF: Dig Deeper!. Not just in vinyl records, but in your clothing as well. You are an individual. You are unique. So are these brands. Vinyl Record clothing culture at its finest. Tell a friend.

Dig Deeper!

One response to “Lifestyle: Look Beyond Supreme

  1. Much Love & Respect to Flea Market Funk for recognizing the real. The props and support are greatly appreciated, brother. Salute for doing your part in keeping the “F” in Funk.


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