BocaWoody – Freeze b/w Rockin’ Ya Block

The dynamic duo of Boca 45 and DJ Woody get funky once again with another single from their Carousel record. It’s for the b-boys, b-girls, hip hoppers, non-stoppers, body rockers and those people that want to get down on some linoleum, a large piece of cardboard or the dance floor. “Freeze” has lots of percussion and a synth line cut up just right. This record is seriously keeping the spirit of hip hop alive. Hand claps? Yeah they’ve got ’em. Definitely music for the mature b-boy, but will get those millennials on the wagon to good beats and music as well. The flip, “Rockin’ Ya Block” remixed by The Allergies features the talented spitter BluRum13 who proceeds to tear shit up on this cut. What we love about BocaWoody is that their music carries the torch of the originals, putting it out there that they don’t want to keep with trendy cough syrup beats or frilly shirts, but would rather rock an adidas track suit and Cazal glasses with a bucket hat while you uprock to their music. A great double side of hip hop heat for the box. If you are late to the party, both Boca and Woody as solo artists rip it up. Boca 45 has consistently been putting out music for decades and doing it well we might add. DJ Woody is a respected turntablist/ DJ, and producer who is constantly innovating the art. They have been working together for a minute, making dance floor friendly b-boy jams for the masses. This record is a perfect example of that. In a limited edition of 300, get it before it’s gone.

Get the record here.

Go here to stream and purchase the full album.

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