Rest In Power Charles Bradley

Music, to us, is the great equalizer. Having a bad day, turn to music. Need a pick me up, turn to music. Tired of politics, turn to music. Tune out the world and get into your own head space for a bit. There are many artists that facilitate that need. We all have our go to records. Artists don’t live forever, but their music does. It’s etched in our brains even though the creators may have moved on to another dimension, as long as we are on this spinning rock and we have access to it, the music is ours. One of the artists that I could always count on was Charles Bradley. The Screaming Eagle of Soul was one of the best soul men of our time. Bradley’s music touched me deeply, and his heartache and pain got transformed into heart wrenching soul music that spoke to many people around the world. His life long journey led him to music, and his music helped others. One of the legends of modern day funk and soul, his passing is heavy in many hearts. Our condolences out to his family and to the Daptone Records family for this enormous loss. His memory and music will live on forever. If you have not heard of Charles Bradly, we would suggest checking out his discography and the beautiful music he made during his career. Here’s a record of Mr. Bradley’s that is one of our favorites, and very apropos for these times of ours:

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the following organizations:

All-Stars Project

Music Unites

Dig Deeper!

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