New Stolen Hearts – (I Need To) Repair My Heart

Good Monday to everyone, and with that we have brought some goodness from Japan to the table today. Twilight City Records own New Stolen Hearts and a feel good anthem “I Need To Repair My Heart” that will light up your turntable with good vibes. You might have heard this band as Stormer & The Stolen Hearts or Soul Fortune Society, but whoever they were performing under, it’s the debut record from New Stolen Hearts. These budding romantics put out a double pack of uplifting funky soul for your ears that put a smile on faces around the globe. Featuring a deep bass line, plus some great Hammond work by Mr. MZO (THE 3776 / Mountain Mocha Killimanjaro), and fantastic horn section, this is a trip you want to keep taking. It’s most definitely one of the best positive soul songs we have heard this year, crossing over from traditional early to mid ’70’s sounding soul to the modern level. Feel good music for people that want to feel good. Plain and simple. The flip, “Ho Happy Day” is a more uptempo side and labeled as “good music for good people”. That most definitely sums the track up in a nutshell. With a most definite Japanese chorus this one is a keeper. Horn work is on point and it grooves along nicely. More great funk and soul coming out of Japan. If this track doesn’t make you feel good, we don’t know what will. Check out the tracks/ video below and then order from Twilight City Records as well. Good vibrations all around.

Get the record here.

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