Don’t Have a Headshell Case? Print One.

If you are a DJ and you travel to gigs, you need a a headshell/ needle case. For the majority of my DJ career I used the blue Shure x 4 case. It has traveled with me all over the place; car, plane, train, and tour bus. It holds four Technics headshell set ups and is airtight, meaning no dust, grime or grit gets into your rig. I mean, the turntables we play on have enough of that stuff floating around, so if you don’t clean those needles before or after the gig, it’s a good idea to do so. For those who use the Orofon needles, their metal case is a sturdy piece that holds two needles as well. But what if you just want to bring two Shures and save some space? We have always wondered that, and when our man Disco Tom Noble put out a call on social media recently looking for a travel case, we wish we had seen this earlier. Although this article is almost five years old, it’s still available and since the technology is even better now that it was then, we wanted to throw it out there to the Flea market Funk fam.

How about printing your own headshell case with a 3D printer? If you have one, then you will be able to do this pretty readily. If you don’t, you can take the files to someone who does and get a case printed out yourself. Enter the Dual Technics Headshell / Shure Cartridge Case by anewsome on Here’s what they had to say about it:

“Every DJ knows how tight space in the DJ bag is. They also know that most headshell cases are too bulky or just aren’t right for road use. That’s why I built this cartridge case as a derivative of my one piece hinged box.

Although the design looks the same, I re-modeled the entire thing in Solidworks so I won’t be basing any new designs off the old OpenSCAD file. All of the complex fillets would be a real pain to do in OpenSCAD.”

This thing looks pretty awesome and we are tempted to go get one printed to give it a shot. Do we have any fam with 3D printers out there that would like to give it a shot? Let us know, we are definitely interested, not just in 3D printing, but in having this space save of a case for DJing. We have no idea if it is airtight or water proof, but for travel and saving space in your DJ bag, this thing looks like it’s the dog’s bollocks aka the mutt’s nuts, which is pretty damn good.

Get more information here.

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