Eládio, Robinho & Machado – Queimando Quente

We haven’t heard from this label for a while, but when we do, it’s usually burning hot. Fitting, because “Queimando Quente” from Eládio, Robinho & Machado is a hot forty five that once again pushes some musical boundaries for this powerhouse label. From the first needle drop, “Queimando Quente” is straight out of Jamaica, with some early JA sounds, but with a twist. Add in some Brazilian flavor and this track transforms into a slow moving and soulful track that would make Laurel Aiken proud. Featuring Felipe Machado, the Brazilian singer who was behind one of the best reggae bands in Brazil, Firebug, and produced by Victor Rice, producer and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, this track is another reason to say Summer is not over. Pining about love lost, Machado’s vocals bring it hard, and gives this Jamaican style track its own profile. The saxophone in this track is spot on and clings on to your ears like some jerk on chicken with some pigeon peas and rice. For sure, this is one that is under the radar at the moment. But not for long. And let’s not forget it was done in one take, just like we like it. On point on the first try, shows you the skill of the team on this 45. The flip side is the instrumental of the track which btw, is also fuego to say the least. Alex Figueroa and Music With Soul are back, and back big. This release is limited to 300 units, so grab it before they are gone. Well done all around. Stream both tracks below and buy the record as well. Fogo no dancehall!

Buy the record here.

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