Mo Manley: 7″ Sunday Vol. 1 + 2 Live At The Ace Hotel Chicago

We have to give props when props are due, and this two volume, 5 hour 45 rpm set from Chicago’s Mo Manley is something you need to get into and get down with. Manley is one of those dudes. A great DJ, graphic designer, and now gallery owner, he has been doing big things for a long time. Not familiar? You should be. Plus he is a stand up dude, one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. And he knows his records. It’s great to hear some of his top notch selections on both of these editions of Live At The Waydown. All on 45, all live, no editing. Just the way we like it. So take some time, slip on those headphones and get funky with Mo Manley. This is definitely one for the books folks. Two fists like his signature stamp, these sets are fire.

More goodness from Mo Manley here.

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