Sammie Relford – Breaking Ice On Love

If you are looking for real deal soul, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that three Sammie Relford tracks have been put on 45 on the same record. The Texas singer has put out records that are on a lot of people’s want lists but not readily available aka they are rare AF. Great to see Izipho Soul have put three of them on the same 7″. The very hard to find “Breaking Ice On Love” is the A-Side, full of strings and could have been a Philly side, this one has been very difficult to track down and is by far our favorite track on the forty five. The A also features “Hey Love”, a stirring soul ballad from his We Are Stronger Together release from 1979. Powerful, slow grinder. When you flip it over, you get some quiet storm ’80’s goodness in “Hook Me Up”. Smooth: check. Rock Steady: check. Moaning and groaning: check. Reminds me of my childhood and some late night Power 99 out of Philadelphia ish. All in all, a great release. You can jump up and down and say you’ll never play a reissue or you can buck up and own a great cross section of tracks from Sammie Relford. The choice is ultimately yours, but we will choose to play music like this however we can get it. An OG would be great, but this on reissue ain’t that bad either. It is all about the music, and Sammie’s voice is too good to quibble over OG vs. reissue conversations. Listen to the three tracks below and feel that soul deep down people.

Get the record here.

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