Klim Beats – Natural

Village Live Records starts off 2018 strong with another banger from Ukrainian beatsmith Klim Beats. This fourteen track instrumental hip hop record features a variety of moods and tempos hand crafted by Klim Beats and his signature hard hitting drums and jazzy feel throughout. If you are a fan of the boom bap, then you are in luck. With such heavy hitters as “The Long Road”, the ultra dreamy “Tell Me A Bedtime Story”, and “Don’t Stop”, there are plenty of that flavor for you to sink your ears into. He is known for the jazz feel, and there is an element of it in all of these tracks. The record was put together using various bits of hardware, and he can go from boom bap to cinematic to atmospheric beats in a quick minute. One second it’s a jazz horn riff, the next some deep keys. What strings all of the music together though, is the drums. He has definitely got it down when it comes to snappy drums that provide these tough as nails beats. We are partial to tracks like “Night Theme”, with its synthy keyboard stabs and samples while the horns don’t give up at all, as well as the Dilla-esque “Urban Rhythm”, and the string filled “Have A Good Trip”. “Old Dancers” had us up out our seats moving with those sirens and deep bass line (let’s not forget that infectious piano riff!), while “Tram Depot” continues on with the sirens and strings, and “Natural” with its flute sample and down tempo beat, keep heads nodding all night long. Most tracks are two to three minutes long, but the last track, “The Other Side of Midnight” is over five minutes and closes out the record. It’s a fitting end to a very good record. All in all, we are happy withthe production and sound of this Lp. Recommended if you like very well crated beats and dope samples as a soundtrack to your daily grind. Klim Beats has you covered. Available in black and cherry red vinyl, and cassette, Village Live have your choice of medium at the ready. Stream the record below.

Buy the record here.

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