People Under The Stairs – Dog Whistles

We don’t try to get all political with Flea Market Funk, but in the climate of the world today, you can not ignore the state of what’s happening here and abroad. While we may not agree with the politics of an award show like the Grammys, we do feel that it’s a great platform for artists to talk about world situations and get a message to the masses. That being said, when veteran hip hop stalwarts People Under The Stairs released this single just hours before President Trump’s State of The Union address, we felt it necessary to feature it here. Music and political activism have always gone hand in hand throughout the years, despite what public figures like Nikki Haley have to say about it. Artists such as Public Enemy, The Coup, Kendrick Lamar and the like have helped bring to light important issues throughout their careers through their music and while also standing tall and firm behind their beliefs. PUTS do the same.

Here’s what Thes One said about this new single:

“PUTS has always celebrated youth culture and people from all walks of life, social classes, ideologies, identities, religions and countries. 20 years of touring opened my mind to the most powerful force in human nature – unity. And, while many may choose to privately grumble about the current divisive state of America, I can no longer remain silent as Trump and the RNC undermine objective reality. There is truth. There is real news. It is happening in front of our eyes, indisputable – just as sure as they called climate change a “Chinese hoax” to selling out our national parks and oceans to the very real effort to subvert reality through social media manipulation and bots. This is no conspiracy, it’s happening in front of us, plain to see. 2,000 lies on record, while using dog whistle politics to rile up hatred and bigotry in his base. We can’t let this become the new normal.

Hip hop will always speak for the voiceless, those who struggle yet aspire for change. We will not tolerate this – Thes

We believe in freedom of expression and applaud PUTS for taking a stand in what they believe. Check out the track below:

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One response to “People Under The Stairs – Dog Whistles

  1. Before I even read your blog or see if I can embed on my site, I believe I can…respect to all and asante PUTS for the resistance music, righteous

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