NEW MIX ALERT! Reggae Special: The People’s Radio

Out of all of the music I play as a DJ, I have always come back to reggae music. Introduced to it by my younger sister’s boss at a summer job she had through a home made mix tape, it featured lots of Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, and more. That was probably the first time I got into reggae, so of course I got way into Bob from that. When I was a freshman in college, I met someone who I am still friends with today. Bucco had a sick reggae collection (and an even sicker ’67 split window VW bus), and that’s where I got my feet wet with Trojan Records, Two Tone, and artists from Aswad to John Holt to Dennis Brown to all the early Ska stuff and beyond. That pushed me further into Jamaican culture and by the time I was introduced to Lee “Scratch” Perry and dub, I had gotten deep into what I felt was the best genre of music around. Although I got my start DJing hip hop, funk, soul, and original samples, I always dug up reggae records as much as I could, studied the culture through DJs, books (This Is Reggae Music is a bible if you have not read it, find it and do so), and whatever I could scour on the internet. You can’t get all the records, so I appreciate the people who have always pushed me in the right direction on where to get them, tracks that are crucial, and appreciated the live shows where I injected some JA into my sets. This mix is comprised of original Jamaican records I have dug up recently, some so hot I could not wait to get them all together on a mix. Reggae music is the voice of the people, and in a sense, the people’s radio. It’s 40 minutes plus of a variety of types of reggae music, all of which are near and dear to me. It was done all live and in one take, because you don’t get a second chance live. So if you dig this mix, please play it loud, and of course pass it on to someone else. The People’s Radio is a reggae special, a sure shot, so with a flick of my wrist Flea Market Funk makes you jump and twist, it’s a good time as I would say…..

Reggae Special: The People’s Radio

Intro by Jack Ruby
Prince Jazzbo – Let Go Donkey
Tenor Saw – Roll Call
Pat Kelly – Summertime
The Boris Gardiner Happening – Dynamic Pressure
Shorty Perry – Sprinkle Some water In
Revolutionaries – Earthquake
Soul Vendors – Rock Fort Rock
Soundemension – Real Rock
Junior Mervin – Cool Out son
The Tennors – Ride Yu Donkey
K.Cannon – Soul Pipe
John Holt – Stick By Me
Lee Van Cleef & The Revolutionaries – Different Fashion
Trinity – Three Piece Suit
Sophia George – Love Again
Dillinger – CB 200
Junior Byles – Fade Away

Stream the mix here:

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