Modified Man – Kingswood Drive

When we hear from Albert’s Favourites, the South London record label that has given us such gems as Hector Plimmer, The Expansions, and more, we know it’s going to be a good day. On deck today from the label is Modified Man, who on their first EP release on the label gained praise from such notables such as Osunlande and Patrick Forge among others in their class. But that’s not all, headlining a scorching Boiler Room set, remixing artists such as label mate Plimmer and the outstanding Amp Fiddler just to name a few, it’s a busy time for the band. So with their best foot (or shall we say cassette tape) forward, here they are with two teaser tracks from a series of four track EPs forthcoming. The tracks are top notch and an indication that not only are Modified Man just as on point as before, they are getting better. Delivering big time on “Kingswood Drive”, they tick all of the boxes and take you for a stroll around their block in an analog dream. Injecting elements of soul, nu-jazz, funk, and broken beat, this track has some gusto on the lo-fi tip. On point drums and synths pave the way for the listener to make their own road by walking to this rhythm. We fell in love with it from the first drop. “Accidental Return” is another banger with a heavy bass line, synths that breathe heavy into the groove, and percussion that will have a wall flower up in no time. It’s infectious and automatically mood uplifting. With nods to Herbie Hancock, Bugz In The Attic, and Dam Funk throughout both tracks, Modified Man see themselves clear through to more success with these two releases. What we dig about Modified Man is that if the mood strikes you, just get up and dance. If it doesn’t we won’t hold it against you, but we see you nodding your head in the corner. The artwork for this particular project features South London designer and artist Tim Easley, who will also design the upcoming EPs as well. Check out the tracks below:

Get the record from Albert’s Favourites here.

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