Harlem Gospel Travelers – He’s On Time

Gospel music is an amazing genre. For nonsecular music, it is indeed, at times, some of the most funkiest music we have ever heard. So when we stumble on a track out in the field, or recommended by heavyweight DJs in the genre like Greg Belson, Kris Holmes, or Eli “Paperboy” Reed, we know that we are in good hands for sure. Colemine Records, who struck gold with The Flying Stars of Brooklyn last year are back at it again with more gospel H-E-A-T. In fact, Reed put together the band, who were students of his in a gospel class. So along with Aaron Frazer, the drummer from from Durand Jones& the Indications, and also the man behind the successful Flying Stars of Brooklyn 45 put together a band and well, the rest is history. This record, no matter if was gospel or not, is one of the funkiest releases of the year so far. It’s definitely got an old school gospel feel to it, super soulful and powerful that you can imagine yourself in a Baptist church in the late ’60’s feeling the spirit through a track like this all sermon long. It’s most definitely got a Southern feel to it, but to us, most of all, it’s the raw power of this music that grabs you wherever you are. Colemine x Eli “paperboy” Reed x Aaron Frazer for the win again. All proceeds from this release will be paid to the Mama Foundation For The Arts. Check out the track below:

Pre-order the record, which ships on 3/2, here.

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