The Estimations – Can’t Do This To Me b/w Let Me Go

When a record like this comes barreling in like a bull through a china shop, well, there is no way you can’t take notice. The first release from Edmonton, Canada’s Kimberlite Records is a belter of a 45 from The Estimations. They take mid 1960’s soul music to the next level on both the A and B side. “Can’t Do This To Me” is a definite diamond in the rough. A latin tinged dancer, this moody but upbeat track will have you dropping the needle on it over and over again. Beautiful harmonies and a call and response with a solid back beat make this side a keeper for sure. We all are guilty of this, not flipping over a record and checking out the other side, but on this forty five you’ll definitely have to flip it over and get to another winner, “Let Me Go”. Starting out just as we like it with a tough drum break, the track then goes all sweet like honey a la Sam Cooke. It’s a ballad, and maybe for last call couple dances, but it’s pure fire all the way. In the ’18 there are only a handful of groups that are pulling this sound off. So drum roll please, The Estimations are one of them. They are the genuine article as they’ve perfected the right formula for a sweet soul track that entices your ears and then goes right for your heart. Listen close for that organ that is going in and out, a wonderful edition to this track. For a first release, Kimberlite has really great release. This is one of those 45s that will come and go, and in years later, people will be searching for it. mark our words. A modern record with ‘that sound’. The sound of real soul music. It’s alive and well right now, and delivered on your turntables by Kimberlite Records. Solid as the diamond in their logo. Check out both sides of the record below, and pre-order after the streams.

Pre-Order the record here, available March 15th from Kimberlite Records.

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