Soul Dynamite 001

For those who like their sevens with a big beat and heavy everything, today is your lucky day. For the debut forty five on the Soul Dynamite label out of Sofia, Bulgaria, they have chosen to go up hard on this release. The first side, aka the red side features Huckspin & Monophonic, two DJs from Mannheim, Germany as well as Jojo Kraus and Igor Rudytskyy on the keys and trumpet repectively. “Bulgarianized” is built around a sample from a well known, early 1970’s Bulgarian track, “A Bulgarian Rose” composed by Maestro Dimitar Valchev. For sure a side made for all the B Boys and B Girls out there. Specifically it is dedicated to the Sleepwalkingz Crew from the Jam On It Festival who will no doubt crush the area with it. Definitely one for the floor, it ticks all the boxes for a great track to get down to.
The flip, aka the green side, features Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop on the track “Wah Wah Wah”. Another B Boy/ B Girl friendly track, this one celebrates its tenth anniversary and the first time we have seen it on a forty five. We are over the moon with this track, as it will get the crews battling like they should. This record is super limited edition with only 350 pieces being pressed up, so you know the drill. Get it beofre it disappears to Discogs land and you’re paying triple the price. We told you here first. Listen to both tracks below:

Get the release here, available on March 6th through Soul Dynamite Records.

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