Mukatsuku Presents Jazz Classic Vol. 4

We love to go through the world of Mukatsuku Records. Their releases run the gamut from deep funk, disco, soul, cumbia, afrobeat, reggae, latin, and like today’s offering, jazz. Constantly reminding you that their are more records to be bought, more songs to hear, and more knowledge to stick in your head, we’re excited to hear two tracks that are up for your ears today on Mukatsuku Presents Jazz Classic Vol. 4. Both sides are gorgeous pieces of music that were bonus cuts and never made it on to a single. Side A is Kirk Degiorgio’s As One and “Amalia”. Led by the beautiful key work from Jamie Odell aka Jimpster, this CD bonus cut from the mind of Ross Allen and the Island Blue label had previously only been featured on that medium. In 2001 it was also on a full length put out by Ubiquity Records, but never as a single. Today it is. If this one doesn’t move you, lift up that needle and put it down again. This cut is deep. The flip is another one that never got to see the light of day on a single either, Norway’s Butti 49 and “Spiritual Rotations”. This one is a burner people. We are not playing and neither is Nik. Originally featured on 2001’s Future Sounds Of Jazz Volume 8 on the Compost label out of Germany, it’s jazz that you need in your life. If you like jazz at all, they are two cuts that can not be denied whatsoever. Nik Weston again pulling out some killer stuff for the Mukatsuku label. Pressed up on a 12″ at 180g with a hand numbered obi strip and branded sleeve, we’ve got another winner. Listen to both tracks below.

Kirk Degiorgio’s As One “Amalia”

Butti 49 – Spiritual Rotations

But the record here.

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