DJ Skills: Super Soul Part 1

About twenty years ago, I met this cat who was (and still is) the best DJ I have ever been around. We hit it off instantly, and for the last two decades have been working together, and I am really proud to call this dude my friend. DJ Skills, repping Long Branch, NJ, has been holding it down behind the turntables for a long time. A top notch producer, playing the MPC like it’s second nature, an encyclopedia of sampling,vinyl record, graffiti, and DJ culture, a dope DJ/ turntablist that has opened for Mix Master Mike among others, and a seasoned digger, to boot, he is one of Jersey’s finest.  One of the most underrated disc jocks I know, he is that dude who can rock everything from a 5000 seat venue to a VFW Hall to a school dance to a backyard BBQ with ease and hold it down on the mic nice as well.  One of the only cats who will push the pitch lever where it’s supposed if my beats are slow, he’s all around good people.  Years ago, we did a four turntable, unrehearsed four hour live set in Asbury park that i really wish someone had taped.  I am really looking forward to doing some events with him again.  But until we link up live, we have this.  When Skills lays down a rare mix, you know it’s going to be dope. As this one came through the mail, naturally I couldn’t wait to turn it up. Super Soul Part 1, a silky smooth blend of deep funk and soul grooves, is something you need to get your ears around. Carefully curated, mixed, blended, and with just the right amount of samples throughout, you’ll be playing this one over and over again.

Listen to Super Soul Pt. 1

Dig Deeper!

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