Pat Van Dyke – Stereo Vision Music Library Vol 1

PVD is back once again and this time it’s something just in time for you to pump it in your ’95 Honda Prelude with the Rockford Fosgate system and two Pyle Drivers in the back. No, but seriously, this digi-album and limited edition cassette has us excited. It’s the first release on Stereo Vision Recordings. What started out as an impromptu studio session with bassist Jordan Scannella and keyboard maestro David Stolarz in Jersey City turned out to be a 30 minute/ 13 track beat tape from this notable producer and multi-instrumentalist. Every track is fresh as they come, ready to get your head nodding on a Summer’s day. The track we have on repeat is “Don’t Stop”. With it’s infectious piano hook that reminds us of the good times in music, you know, like they used to say, we are ready to face our Friday with a smile. Some highlights include “Set It Off”, an outer space jam hits that hard, “Fresh Out The Oven”, a bubbler of a track, “We Got The Jazz” (no explanation necessary), “Down The Road”, and the Kings of Rhythm meets Funkadelic closer “Until Next Time”. With Van Dyke taking duties on the keys and drums (plus production and mixing), he also enlisted the mighty K-Def to do the mastering. Squad goals people, PVD always surrounds himself with top notch players and producers, so you should expect nothing less than greatness on a project like this. This is the classic beat tape. short, to the point tracks that will get you moving wherever you are, Another banger from PVD.

Stream the project below:

Get the limited cassette and digital album here.

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