Dusty Donuts 014

The Dusty Donuts crew does not stop. Not even a slow crawl. Not even the California stop. It’s a freight train that just keeps killing tracks from the on set. These two tracks are perfect for the Summer (or any time you want to get lifted). Featuring the usual suspects: Marc Hype, Jim Dunloop, and Naughty NMX, you’re in for another ride of heavy drums, keyboards and re-works of classic material. Jim Dunloop get’s busy with heavy keyboard manipulations on “The Love Ride”, as the Isleys smooth as silk vocals take you there! On the flip, Marc Hype and Naught NMX rework Diamond girl to the fullest. You can imagine the production that goes into these tracks, it’s nothing less than perfect. The Dusty Donuts crew hits you hard again and again. Check out the track list below:

A – The Love Ride (Jim Dunloop Reflip)
B – Diamond Girl (Naughty NMX & Marc Hype Summer Breeze Edit)

Listen to “Diamond Girl (Naughty NMX & Marc Hype Summer Breeze Edit)” below:

Hear a snippet of “The Love Ride (Jim Dunloop Reflip)” here.

Look for this one at the end of June.

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