Luke Vibert – Turn

Today’s goodness comes via the UK and esteemed producer Luke Vibert on People of Rhythm’s latest release, Turn. This release comes in conjunction with Vibert planning to tour the United States, a rare occurrence for the artist. Made possible by label honcho Brian Keigher (AKA DJ Warp) and his long standing relationship with Vibert, the chatter about the two releasing a record all these years has come to fruition, not to mention a the return of the label itself after almost twenty years. This four song EP is everything you’d expect from Vibert, who’s firing on all cylinders through the whole record. The title track, “Turn”, is a jaunt through late night escapades, heavy synths and equally heavy drums that take you on a orchestral space ride only to land back down safely like a SpaceX rocket. Also featuring the track “JJP”, it is dedicated to Jean-Jacques Perrey, the French electronic genius and pioneer who Vibert has previously collaborated with. If you have followed both of their careers, this is a fitting sonic composition to Perrey’s body of work. If you are not familiar, Mood Indigo is required listening. The third track “BM”, is a jazzy little side that gets heavily cinematic with the drums and hook and turns into a B-Boy dream. Three for three so far. Closing out the EP is “Juice”, a track again, with heavy drums and enough, ahem, juice, to get the dance floor stirred up. These are mid 120s BPMs people, so if you’re not out there to move, then you have got to let someone else get out there and do it. The record is released in maroon color vinyl. A portion of these sales will help Vibert secure a visa for this latest tour here in the States. This is the first tour for him in over ten years, and dates so far are san Francisco, New York, Chicago, and the Even Further Festival in Wisconsin where he’ll be headlining. Stay tuned for more dates. They’ll be exclusive merch for sale as well to help fund the tour, and a remix record is planned with the likes of Derrick Carter, Daedelus, Radioactive Man, and Isan set to put their personal touches on Turn. Listen to the record below:

Get the record, available now.

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