Klaus Layer feat. The Artifacts & Blu – Force

Everything you did has already been done son, except this. Berlin’s boom bap commander, Klaus Layer is back and he’s bringing The Artifacts and Blu with him. Hard to believe that he is on his sixth record at Redefinition, and this one is special. It’s the first record he has released with vocals over his tremendous production. He’s put together an all star cast that include the Artifacts, Hex One, Simple One and Blu, as well as long time studio homies Educut & Mr Nylson and German producer Figub Brazlevič who masters this new project. For those who are fans of Layer’s work, his atmospheric beats done in a boom bap style, it’s less experimental and more straight up rap. This isn’t a bad thing. Dude is and has always been a beast with the beats. It’s a natural progression to get top of the food chain rappers to spit on this record. Well respected and able to deliver, both producer and emcee get shit done. He has been really laying down future classics from the beginning, and if you are tired of the same old mumble jumble rap, frilly shirts, slow as molasses beats, then this is a record that embodies the spirit of Golden Age hip hop. Underground styles with big beats, it’s a combination that is a sure shot. Check out the track “Force” below, and then pre-order the record from Redefinition at the link after that.

Pre-order the record here.

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