Cosmic Analog Ensemble – Une Vie Cent Détours

Riding high off of Les Sourdes Oreilles, the Cosmic Analog Ensemble continues their journey into the deep reaches of global music exploration with another record you will want to get your hands on. For the journey is the music and music is the journey as Charif Megarbane takes you by the hand and pulls you into an ever growing batch of global sounds that weave in and out of your subconscious until you are craving more. We’ve been blessed with two teaser tracks from the full length. “Premiers Détours” is an excursion to the Far East” and brings us close to the funk that has been coming out of that region for years. It’s an incredible journey within and without that will have crate diggers and global music warriors alike clamoring for this platter. The second track we are privy to is “Phoenician Rose”, a deep funk track that’s driven by a guitar sound that will enchant your ears, as well as some heavy drums that drive the point home. While the aforementioned record was more on the cinematic tip, this upcoming offering, while not as cinematic, is a serious piece of music. These both are records that will be sorely missed by collectors and heads if they do not get them the first time around. Pressed up on 180g vinyl and limited to 300 pieces, this release is another one to definitely include in your collection. Unique in sound, it will still be turning heads in twenty years.

Listen to both tracks below and pre-order the record available from My Bags on September 21st.

Pre-Order the record here.

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