Latin Underground Revolution Box Set

We like to bring you a different sound every day, and today is definitely something special. Rocafort Records, the label who has brought us a wide variety of sides that range from funk, soul, hip hop, tropical, psych, African, and more, has got another card up their sleeve. This time they take us back to New York City and sounds from the Latin underground. Latin Underground Revolution: Swinging Boogaloo, Guaguanco, Salsa & Latin Funk from New York City 1967-1978 is a triple 45 rpm box set full of hard to find, dace floor friendly seven inches for your listening and dancing pleasure. Rocafort is constantly digging deeper and helping spread the word of these very hard to find dope records. Check out the track listing below, a cavalcade of Latin heat!

Track List:

1. Louie Ramirez – The New Breed (45 Edit)
2. 107th Street Stickball Team – Let Me Do My Thing 02:17
3. Los Africanos – Together People (Pamoja Watu)
4. Mike Guagenti y Orquesta – Salsa Con Charanga
5. Brooklyn Sounds – Mirame San Miguel 04:44
6. Brooklyn Sounds – Guaguanco de Puerto Rico

Pre-order the box set, available on September 7th.

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