Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – The Serpent’s Mouth

One of the hottest cuts of the Summer, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band’s scorcher of a record “Xxplosive”, are ready to make your ears even happier with their latest full length release, The Serpent’s Mouth, which drops on September 7th via Big Crown. If the Dr. Dre cover didn’t pull you in, the steel drum band takes on a variety of original and cover songs that expand their growing discography. Band leader and multi-instrumentalist Björn Wagner and crew take the music even further on this truly excellent record.

I felt even more confident and determined this time around, and I think we have a more cinematic album approach. Since I was more comfortable in the studio with the instrument, I could focus more on the songs, the storytelling and the performance. Bringing my brother Steffen in to co-produce and mix the album not only made it sound better – it also gave me more freedom with the recording itself.-

Mobb Deep, Mary J. Blige, Amerie, Gang Starr, the Miami Vice theme, and the Jackson 5, the band elevates these songs to the next level with the precision and skill of a sushi chef, slicing through tracks with quality and flavor. But of course they are much more than a cover band, unloading original tracks such as “Hula Hoop”, a break filled drumfest, the title track, “The Serpent’s Mouth”, a soundtrack cut for a fantasy movie yet to be made, and the cosmic flow of “Touchdown” all stand tall. This sophomore record is killer, and if you loved 55, this new record will keep your thirst satisfied. More evidence that Big Crown is here to stay. Pre-order and listen to a snippet of the tracks below.

Pre-order the record, available on Sept. 7th from Big Crown Records.

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