Jaubi – Lahore State Of Mind

What we like to do here at Flea Market Funk is open ears and open minds with the records we bring you. Today’s record is something dope that we needed to share. Hailing from Lahore, Pakistan, the trio Jaubi, Zohaib Hassan Khan (sarangi), Kashif Ali Dhani (tabla), and Qammar Vicky Abbas (cajon) recorded a cover of the 1994 Nas classic “NY State of Mind” in a Hindi music meets jazz style. Using only one mic, they recorded this record and drew similar parallels with NYC in 1994 and Lahore in 2016. Poverty, drug use, and survival among other adversities are rampant in both locations at both times. With this cover, Jaubi takes the listener on a spiritual journey through their everyday life in the City of Lahore. Pretty compelling. It’s brilliant and beautiful at the same time. Fast forward to 2018, London, England. More adversities are to be found there, including knife crime, social unrest and more. Producer Al Dobson , Jr. sets out to remix the record like DJ Premier made the original. Using the samples from the Jaubi record like Preemo did for Joe Chambers on the Nas original, he’s come up with a super dope remix of the original hindi jazz track. This one is a real burner. Stream the tracks below:

Get the record from Astigmatic Records here.

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