The White Blinds – The Hustler

For those of you who love soul jazz, funky jazz, or organ trios, it’s time to take it back with some vintage organ jazz sounds from one of today’s most exciting groups in the jazz community. The White Blinds, who dropped their single “Get To Steppin’ ” recently are preparing for the full length of the same name to drop on August 31st on F-Spot Records. The group pays homage to classic soul jazz organ trios with an afrobeat/ Nawlins vibe peppered in like some andouille in a rice dish. Their latest single off the long player is “The Hustler”. Heavy on the funky jazz vibe, this track has some absolutely smoking organ, hot guitar work, and a back beat that will make your neck sore. They respect the elders of the genre (McDuff, Holmes, McGrifff, Scott) on this side and while it could easily be 1967 as opposed to 2018, their injection of a modern funk + soul sound rounds off this sound completely. It always amazes me that groups like this don’t get the airplay they deserve on jazz stations, so I’m calling out WBGO to get these guys on the air. Come on jazz community, these cats are the real deal. They are much more than a West Coast thing, this sound needs to be heard all over the world. Have a listen to the new single below and hear for yourself. Spread the word, The White Blinds are open for business.

Pre-order the full length available from F-Spot Records on August 31.

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