Sundance – The Last Sunrise

Say good morning to Illcet Recordings and producer Sundance, who returns with a new track “The Last Sunrise”. Featuring noted underground emcee Adam L, as well as a grip of talented cats, this track is a wild ride featuring free and open minded live jazz back beats, further boosting his foray into jazz filled releases. With known beater Stro Elliot on drums, Ron Gollner on upright bass, Brett Wagner on trumpet, Sivion on saxophone, and DJ Sean P on the cuts, this all star band blazes through your ears like a a freight train barreling down the Pacific Northwest coast. Adam L, who spits serious bars on this track without breathing (dude has lung capacity) is a perfect pairing with these musician, who get your attention from the very first note. RIYL Thundercat, Robert Glasper, or The Roots, but this track has it’s own sound and feel all together. Included are two instrumentals, a straight up mix and the jazz instrumental. Both are top notch and can be played on their own with great effect. We’re hooked on this this morning, so sit back, grab your headphones, put your feet up, light some Nag Champa and dig what Sundance is throwing down. Listen tot he tracks below:

Get the music here.

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