Ian Wallace – Superstition (Remix)

RBMB have a knack for putting out records that make you move your ass. Whether it’s Rich Medina, King Most, Dirty Burners and more, they all have a common thread among them: deep, dope records for the dance floor. This time Ian Wallace aka Sam Champ, one half of the group Extra Medium really goes above and beyond to flip both of these classic tracks. As if they weren’t dance floor friendly enough, Wallace puts some magic dust into both and will have the dance floor moving its way until the breakadawn (or at least until the house lights go on wherever they are). This is what it’s all about people. The spirit of the music still in tact, the message still shining through to the listener. Long live the dope remix and the world is a much better place with remixes like this. We have been waiting for a new RBMB forty five to come out, and it’s as if they read our mind. Listen to a snippet of both tracks below and it’s vinyl only, so act fast because these records disappear fast, we mean get this in your box yesterday.

Buy the record here, vinyl only!

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