The Allergies – Dance Now/ Fade Away

Today it’s Friday and you know what time it is? It’s The Allergies time! Your favorite Bristol production duo are back with another two sided forty five banger in “Dance Now” b/w “Fade Away” which is from their highly anticipated third LP Steal The Show. Steal the show they do, as always, with their brand up up tempo funk and soul injected with plenty of hip hop and b-boy attitude. The A-Side featuring Honey Larochelle, “Dance Away”, is grade A, top of the rack sister funk with an infectious drum beat that will have asses moving from Bristol to Bangkok. Featuring the saxophone styles of Mr. Woodnote, this one is a winner on all fronts. The flip, “Fade Away”, which is equally smoking, features frequent collaborator Andy Cooper. Spitting over some ’60’s James Bond style beats, the international man of fast rap and verbal weaponry pulls out all the stops on this track. Cooper has a knack for being able to be a utility player for The Allergies, adapting his style to whatever beats they throw his way. This track will definitely get all the fly skimmers, b-boys, b-girls, as well as the dancers in a mood they want to be and a place where they can be free. That’s what this songs feels like to us, freedom. Listen for yourself:

Get the record here.

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