Detroit Sounds Of Friction – I’m Leaving You b/w Stop Him Girl

Not much to say except this record we have today went for over $2K last year, and Crates of Soul is offering up a fresh repress of this rare and coveted soul monster originally on Louisville’s Heavy Sound. Heavy sounding it is, and the chaps at this dope label have remastered this seven inch while making it readily available for everyone, not just those that were lucky enough to be able to pony up two grand for the original. No matter how you feel about a reissue, you can’t deny the power of this record. Even if you never knew of it, it’s still something that belongs in your box if soul music is your thing. The bottomless pit of vinyl records and music history keeps giving back. So do Crates of Soul. Get it while you can, these were made in a super limited amount, and you know that deal. Once they are gone, they are gone. Miss it and take your chances on Discogs. Just sayin’. Enough of us talking about it, Listen to the record below and hear it for yourself:

Get the record here.

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