The Mad Geezers: Hip Hug-Her b/w Girl of My Dreams

Sliding right into your ears today are The Mad Geezers. A group of four veteran musicians; Oliver Charles on drums, Jason Yates on Organ, Dan Ubick on guitar & percussion, and Dave Wilder on bass. This is a band that has much experience, from De La Soul to The Lions to Connie Price and The Keystones to Macy Gray, Ziggy Marley, Hollie Cook, The Heptones, and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals among others. We don’t need to go on, but we will because this new forty five on F-Spot Records is in the queen’s English so fucking dope, that you’ll want to grab a copy and feel their vibe. F-Spot records, who’s latest band The White Blinds has been tearing up stages and turntables all over, has steadily been building a stable of killer records and bands. Some on the latin tip, some on the reggae tip, some on the soul tip, but always keeping it funky. This double sider is more of the goodness. The F-spot homage series pays, surprise surprise, homage to a great tune, this time, Booke T and The MG’s “Hip Hug Her”, one that has been making the rounds the last few years (recently covered by The U.B.’s w/ J-Zone on drums). Their tasty take on the classic adds much Jamaican flavor to the pot and brings it to a boil just right. Really well done and a bubbler with that JA style for sure. It’s got Studio One sounds written all over it. The flip, “Girl of My Dreams”, is for sure another slow burner of the JA style. Late ’60’s sounds coming out of the speaker box has us sitting back, taking it easy, and enjoying the ride to wherever we want to go today.

Pre-Order the record here, available Nov. 9th from F-Spot Records.

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