The Library Music Film: Music From And Inspired By The Film

We’ve been waiting for this film to be complete. An entire film from Hut Twenty9 that covers the expansive genre known as library music. Collectors obsess over this not at all cheap game of trying to horde and dig up these often seriously expensive records from music used in television, film, radio, and other advertisements. Music from the vaults of companies like Music De Wolfe, Warner-Chappell, Bruton Music, Bosworth, Flipper Music, KPM, Tele Music and Capitol Media Music, among others gets the spotlight and conversation from the people who made the music, the collectors who collect it, the DJs and producers that play it, as well as musicians in the modern day who are making music like this. Join host Shawn Lee as he delves into the never ending world of library music in the film itself, msuic made by Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, John Cameron, Barbara Moore, Janko Nilovic, Brian Bennett, Stefano Torossi, and others. Legere Recordings has put out this record of the choicest cuts pulled and selected by Adrian Younge, Cut Chemist, Mr. Thing, Mark Rae, Young Einstein & many more from the vaults of the libraries of KPM, Tele Music, and Music De Wolfe. With liner notes written by Mike Wallace, DJ Format, Paul Elliot, and host Shawn Lee, it’s one of the most anticipated documentaries and soundtracks of the year.

Check out the track list below:

A1 Bass In Action N°1 – Tonio Rubio
A2 Grey Sigh – Roger Webb
A3 Tense Preparation – Nick Ingman
A4 Coordinates Meeting – Peter Thomas
A5 Pop Drums – André Arpino
A6 Day-tripper – Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw
A7 Gang Train – Bernard Estardy
A8 Change Of Pace – Geoff Bastow
A9 Rayban I – Marc 4
A10 Nel Villaggio – Piero Umiliani
B1 Umbrellas – James Asher
B2 Insidieusement Les Elfes – Vincent Geminiani
B3 Virgin Land – Tony Kinsey
B4 Heavy Action – Johnny Pearson
B5 Main Chance – William Parrish & Alan Parker
B6 Night Moves – Chris Rae & Frank McDonald
B7 Speed Fever – Marcello De Martino Rhythm & Brass Combination

Extended Trailer:

Get the record here.

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