Mukatsuku Presents Skymark

Mukatsuku come in hot on their latest forty five, digging through the back catalog of Modern Sun Records to pull out some gems. Using label founder and veteran Spanish jazz guru Marc Friedli, aka Skymark as their guide, they’ve got one record with two treats on it for your listening pleasure. From 2016, a slice off of the Resistance Sonore record, “Flying Fantasy” is presented to the listener in an instrumental version, a first for the track. Filled with lush Fender Rhodes stabs and solos, broken beat and jazz genres come together lovely, accentuated in this version. In our opinion, it’s the winner over the original. The flip has even more jazz pants for you with “Rhodes E Serenidade” from 2015’s Waves from The Nucleus Lp. Vibes for days on this cut, and if you are not familiar with the man’s keyboard brilliance, then prepare yourself to get blown away again and again. Both of these tracks contain a lot of heat. We’re lucky to have a dude like Nik Weston, who knows how to get the best out of a variety of record labels and their sounds. This one is no exception: jazz filled goodness that really hits the sweet spot. Mukatsuku for the win again.

Listen to snippets of both tracks and order the 45 here.

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