Kaidi Tatham – In My Life

Today we have still have a treat and Halloween is definitely over, unless you’re still binging on The Haunting of Hill House, in that case take a break and listen to this. Musical legend, Kaidi Tatham (Bugz In The Attic, The Herbaliser, The Propheteers, etc.) has a new 12″ out, and to put it simply: “It’s delightful.” Featuring four tracks guaranteed to to grab you by your ears (and sometimes heart) and drag you to move wherever you are, In My Life is something you need in your life. Got it? Its got all of the jazz funk goodness you’d expect from this man who can put together tracks like one puts on their socks while others struggle to get a sound like this. “Freddie Can’t Run Away” is a dance floor filler, full of synthesizer heat, heavy drums and a groove that is undeniable. “But You Bring It Up” is over six minutes of slow groove, complemented by the vocals of Nadine Charles, while “Is Crimbo Really Here”, an uptempo banger guaranteed to keep the crowd simmering as the title track “In My Life” slowly burns right to the end of this twelve with hypnotic synthesizer goods and Tatham’s vocals that carry it until the lights go on and we start our day once again. Grab this record, it’s sold out on bandcamp but still available in a few other places. Beautifully done, this one is a must for not only your home turntable but for the dance floor as well.

Get the record here.

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