M.A BEAT! – Pink Eyes (Official Video)

Take a night walk through Brussels in this new video from France’s M.A. Beat entitled “Pink Eyes”. Taken from the compilation Microsizers out on Black Milk Music, this short side might be small in time, but is long is feelings and impressions. Reminiscent of late 60’s folk psychedelica, early electronic moods, and acoustic accompaniments, we’re mesmerized at the simplicity of the track through the many aural layers it contains. It truly is a beautiful side, ringing out in your head long after you’ve pressed the stop button. The short vid to go along with the track fits perfectly, the camera darting to each part as the keys of the piano are played. Feeling a bit Pink Floyd, a bit Radiohead, and a lot just plain great, this one has been on repeat here at the lab. Sometimes you need to step back, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and put on a side like “Pink Eyes”. It’s soothing to say the least. The video was beautifully shot by Directed by Pierre-Louis Thirion (with great help of Samy Abboud, Eric Vanderhaegen, Quentin Descharmes & Quentin Laurent). Check out the video below and buy the project after the stream.

Buy the record here.

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