Tunes That Rocked The Room at Shake! in 2018

We started Shake! at Friends and Lovers in Crown Heights, Brooklyn over 2.5 years ago, we wanted to play funk 45s. Immediately it turned into something special and different. After the very first night it turned into a family affair. We played records that were deep funk before disco. We played NYC disco classics and deeper cuts from the era. We played house music. We played early rap, the stuff you’d hear Downtown in you were going to the clubs. We played afro beat. We played soulful gospel bangers. We played underground dance music (real dance music not club EDM shit). People came every third Saturday. The doors opened at 10, they danced until 4am. A lot of them did not know this music, but they wanted to get down. They trusted us. We came through each month by digging deeper, so they returned. We had great guest DJs. Shake! is a special party that myself and Monk One really love to bring to the masses. It’s a place where you can be who you want to, be exposed to great music you may not hear anywhere else, and we do it all on 45 RPM, but who doesn’t like the sweet 12″ from time to time?

Check out our records we loved spinning at the night in 2018 below.

Monk One:

As DJs, we always try to mix up our play-out boxes so when you come to the jam you’re hearing something fresh every time. But of course there are those certain tunes that are so good, so perfect, so beloved and so right for the party that they sneak back in again and again.

Tunes That Rocked The Room at Shake! in 2018.

Jenny Burton – Bad Habits

Standard Shake! warmup cut to get ya loose, nice and easy. A perfect shuffler with a funky arrangement that never gets boring.

One Way – Give Me One More Chance

Neglected banger from upper echelon funksmith Kevin McCord ups the ante. Could fool you into thinking it’s a Prince and the Time outtake.

Kool Customer – Blackberry (instrumental)

Lush modern funk from our pals at Bastard Jazz. I rock the glorious instrumental but the vocal side knocks too.

Dayton – The Sound Of Music

Theme-type song, innit? Nothin’ like the sound of music…

Black Nylon Corporation – Love From Outer Space

Suave bassline boogie from 2018 Madrid or was it 1982 Milan? Hard to tell! Great vocal from Yohana Gómez.

Maxine Singleton – Don’t You Love It

Irresistible arrangement, sassy vocal, Shake! standard.

The Zone Identity – Melting Pot

Lest you thought I forgot the funk, let this avalanche of bass, drums, guitar and organ wash over ya. Killer new version of the Booker T classic and a favorite with the b-boys and girls in attendance.

Deee-Lite – Riding On Through

This Deee-Liteful deeper-than-deep B-side snuck back in to heavy rotation with me in 2018 and rocked the party again and again and again.

Candi Staton – Hallelujah Anyway (FK Mix)

Big big gospel house tune gets the 7-inch war box treatment with a Frankie Knuckles remix that destroys every time.

Mass Production – Cosmic Lust

Doubles to extend the decadent keyboard solo into infinity… A deep jazzy disco classic that lifts the room into the stratosphere.

DJ Prestige:

This night is a journey through sound. The everyday struggle put aside for six hours. six hours to dance, be you, and hear music you might not hear anywhere else. We’re not saying it’s the best party in NYC (although people have said that), but it sure is the best fuckin’ sound around.

Odia Coates – Chump Change

A great, sultry warm up track put out by Family Groove of the woman best known for doing duets with Paul Anka. Those horns and slap bass get us every time.

Hardrive – Deep Inside

Late night to get down to knowhutimean?

Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express

A classic in every sense of the word, gets a spin at Shake on the regular.

Jawn Rice – Message From the Tribe

Late night groover out of Norway that never disappoints.

C.J. & Co. – Devil’s Gun

A Shake favorite and crowd pleaser, even to the young folk, who no doubt heard it on HBO. Gets the breakers and the dancers together as one.

Baggy Leggins – Expensive Sheeet

A great Fela edit that is just plain bananas that even Sammy bananas would agree. Fist in the air on this one.

Linda Clifford – Runaway Love

An edit of the soulful disco track that is most definitely something we kick off early or if it’s getting sexy late night. Top tune.

Tuxedo – Shy

More bizzounce to the izzounce on this one. Shout out to the Tuxedo chaps for lighting up the dance floor with this side.

Ian Wallace – Superstition

Great reworking of Stevie, bumping up the BPMs and letting it all hang out. RBMB doing it again.

Yambu – Sunny

One of the best versions of the song with a Latin/ Disco flair to it.

The next Shake! is on January 19th w/ special guest selector Saucy Lady.

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