Jimi Tenor (feat. Florence Adooni & Lizzy Amaliyenga)) – Vocalize My Luv

Going back to The Motherland today, and by that we mean Africa, as Philophon Records takes us on another trip through aural stimulation. We get to this trip via Helsinki, Finland and Jimi Tenor, who has blessed us with a double banger of afro treats from the very first needle drop. The single, is a nice little peek into an upcoming full length from Tenor that you should all have your eyes out for. Linking up with two very special voices, Florence Adooni and Lizzy Amaliyenga from Bolgatanga/Northern Ghana, gospel queens in their own right, both tracks are fuego, as you’ll have to extinguish the flames on your record player after putting down this platter. The A, “Vocalize My Love”, which features drummer Ekow Alabi, is a high- life monster, with both Florence and Lizzy riding upfront using alluring vocals alongside a Korg MS-20 bass synthesizer. All this together makes for some good dance floor action no matter the time. The beat is infectious, and you’ll not be able to stand still. The flip, “Ki’igba” is a ‘classic Frafra gospel’ track, something you’d hear in Northern Ghana, where plenty of artistic freedom is most definitely encouraged. To us, it’s the sleeper track, especially with Jimi on that flute, combined with the horn stabs and synth, but seriously let’s not forget the duo of Lizzy and Florence taking it to the break of dawn with their voices either. Both grooves are just fantastic, but our sure shot is that the B-Side wins again. Whatever side you choose, you’re not going to lose. Stream both tracks below, and pre-order after the stream.

Get the record, available on Philophon Records January 25th here.

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