Roy Ayers Coffy 45 Pack

“This is the end of your rotten life you dope pusher!” But, it’s the beginning for all of you that have been looking for a few choice cuts you couldn’t find from Roy Ayers on 45 RPM. Possibly the best Blaxploitation soundtrack of all time, this two seven inch pack is a great addition to your bag.  With tracks like “Coffey Is The Color”, “Aragon”, “Brawling Boards”, and “Exotic Dance”, you’re pretty much covered in the Coffy area.  Recorded from the master tapes and complete with a full color gatefold, this 2 x7” set is not just for lovers of Blaxploitation films or Roy Ayers junkies (although it is a sweet package), it’s for any forty five appreciator that loves the genre and can get on the side of a company like Dynamite Cuts.  These cats are doing their best to preserve this medium,  extending “the beauty of the wonderful 7″single format with a series of Jazz, Funk & Soul movers and groovers, some anthems and some never before on 7″.  Great for DJs, great for collectors, it’s a win win situation.   Good looking out Dynamite Cuts on this pack of 7s.  Get more info on ordering this great below.

Get the pack here. 

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