Jouis – Mind Bahn

If Mondays aren’t your thing, we’ve got something for you. Say hello to Jouis, a three piece outfit from (surprise, surprise, the center of all creativity) Brighton, UK. You see, Brighton aren’t just concerned with whether Gaëtan Bong (best name in the EPL) or Glenn Murray are going to score goals for Brighton & Hove Albion, they actually care about music too. Comprised of Joe Woodham (vocals, bass, guitars) Louis Pavlo (vocals, keyboard, synths and piano) and Adam Johnson (vocals, drums and percussion), this trio takes inspiration in psychedelic folk rock, The Canterbury scene of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s (from bands like Soft Machine + Caravan), and keep the spacey groove going within these inspirations. With nine tracks. Mind Bahn released on None More Records, gets right to the point. It moves your mood to a higher elevation, aka brightens it right up. The first single, “Sinking Statues” is groove heavy, chock full of guitar riffs, lots of synthesizer magic and harmonies akin to CSNY. Put that together and you can hear the previously mentioned inspirations in full force. If you’re not familiar with The Canterbury scene, we suggest you get familiar, it’s amazing, and you’ll get lost down a rabbit hole. The track, simply put, is dope. But if they could elevate your mind and persuade your feet to get to another level, they do it with the remix from Pan-American disco champs The Flying Mojito Brothers. This bonus refrito, only available on the digital download and not the vinyl, is a winner as well. Dubby disco with some cosmic slop pushed into the folds make it one of our best tracks of the year so far.

Listen to both tracks below:

Pre-order the vinyl here, available on April 5th via None More Records.

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