Dead End Boogie – New Tires

Riding high as they always do, but always right where they want to be, Funk Night Records via EEE ZEE once again drops H-E-A-T in not just a frigid place with a cold polar vortex of weather, but an otherwise slower and colder time of the year record wise. This time it is another record from the studio crew Dead End Boogie, who bring out some cosmic space funk with a very limited 45 on Funk Night called “New Tires”. The short snippet put out there by Estonian funk maestro Misha Panfilov has the lo-fi sounds of “Microwave Boogie” as well as a fuzzy groove that is sure to make you move. It just seems that Panfilov can not stop, as he’s got a slew of crazy good releases under his belt, but continues to churn out music like the Quincy Jones of Estonia. Records are coming from all fronts, and this one will no doubt sell out quick (as per usual). 250 copies available through Funk Night, so if you like the funk, you dig the sound that Funk Night’s laying down, you know what to do. If you don’t Discogs will be calling and your wallet will be crying. We all do it, I’m still sore about not buying that Bozo Meko 45 from TTL when they actually were edgy and sold “creative” 45s all those years ago. But I digress, we’re talking about another quality FN release here. Listen to a snippet of the record below:


Get the record here.

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