Chris Lujan & Electric Butter: Don’t Go Actin’ A Fool

There is always something brewing over at Lugnut Brand Records. It could be some deep stanky funk from the M-Tet, or a beautiful organ cover of Sharon Jones, but what ever it is, it is guaranteed to hit. This time The M-Tet’s talented bass player Chris Lujan goes his own way with Chris Lujan’s Electric Butter and their first digital single “Don’t Go Actin’ A Fool”. Part slow chugging soul, part rainy day anthem, part summertime blues, “Don’t Go Actin’ A Fool” is an all instrumental track that in many ways takes you there. There is always subjective, but we’re talking about a place that grabs your heart tight, squeezes it and let’s you know: “it’s gonna be alright kid.” It sweet soul through and through, with heavy vibrato guitars, a simply delightful Hammond organ, and Fender Rhodes that hit the spot. Featuring Joe Baer Magnant on Guitar, Raynier Jacildo on Hammond Organ and Fender Rhodes, Lujan on Fender Bass, Glockenspiel, and Tambourine, as well as Micah McClain on Drums, it’s a Lugnut Brand family affair and then some. Make this your early track or late night finisher, it’s a winner either way. Coming out, as we said earlier, just as a digital track, I’m sure once it catches on you’ll see a limited run of forty fives for this side. Lugnut has a knack for attracting the DJs and collectors who appreciate real, authentic funk and soul, and once again Lujan masterminds another heavy emotional track that will be revisited often in years to come. Keep making music Lugnut Brand acts, you’ll have no problem selling it because it’s good. Check out the track below.

Look for the digital release April 5th on Lugnut Records. Stay tuned.

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