PREMIERE: The Soul Surfers – Stoned Sade

Sliding into your ears on Friday like WHAT! with an exclusive premiere of The Soul Surfers new track for Record Store day (tomorrow April 13th) on King Underground. If you’re not on the frequency of The Soul Surfers, you should be. They are the equivalent of The J.B.’s in Russia with a little krautrock sprinkled in (think Can and other vibes), and have had quite some success with their releases on Funk Night, Ubiquity, Spasibo and more. Their style and sound are unmistakable, and now that they have teamed up with the mighty King Underground for RSD ’19, you’ll hear this latest groove, “Stoned Sade”. The Surfers riff off of the queen, Sade Adu, and add some slow, sexy, saxophone injected into their deep, fuzzy funk sound. It’s the soundtrack to some future indie flick, a place where the Surfers are equally comfortable playing along with their signature heavy funky vibes like it was 1973.

That’s the purpose of the music – connect the people all around the world who emotionally can feel each other. – The Soul Surfers

We’ve been riffing hard on this track since we got it, and you will too. You see, the band has been embraced by many diverse audiences: funk heads, psychedelic rock lovers, the low rider set, even those who push the boundaries of exotic music. It’s all in there. That’s why they have been grabbed to provide music from television shows (Glee) to documentaries (Let It Soul), and more. The future looks good for Igor Zhukovsky and the rest of the crew. You’re damn right they have a bright future in music, as they have spread their special sound all over the globe. From Russia to the UK to Europe and beyond, you will not forget The Soul Surfers. And, they love Sade as well, so much they’ve incorporated her into this limited single. It can’t get much better than that.

Listen to the track:

Get the exclusive white record (limited to 100) here. The black vinyl will be at various record stores for RSD.

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