The Mandatory Eight – Soul Fanfare #3

Starting your week off right with some proper funky soul instrumentals, we visit Leeds, UK and a belter of a forty five from The Mandatory Eight. For those paying attention, The Mandatory Eight previously released some R & B heat with “Suckerpunch” off of an ATA rarities compilation that got the attention of listeners. Their back and taking it to the bank once again with this effort. This A side of the seven takes you down the road with a familiar sound; beautiful horns, funky drummers, and organ for days. “Soul FanFare #3” gives off a heavy Stax vibe, sets the tone for ass shaking and head nodding, then blasts you off to a planet of good times. If you’re keen on legends like The Barkays and Booker T. and the MG’s, then this track is for you. But it’s not over, as the flip gets into a groove of its own. “Turn It Out” changes the mood up a bit, but still keeps that dance floor rocking. It’s still got those all star horns and a kick ass back beat. The organ is in a mood of its own, lending a little more atmosphere and attitude that is more serious. Serious, as in “we’ve got places to go and are not taking any shit and you will not sit still on this one.” The drum and farfisa solo are just added bonuses. With Steve Parry on trumpet and organ, Chris Dawkins on guitar, the brother Neil Innes on bass, and Pete Williams manning the drums, percussion, and tenor saxophone, these sleeper cuts will be filling up parties and proper soul dances before you know it. This forty five, in our opinion is one of those records that as soon as you drop it, people flock to the booth and want to know what it is. More ’69 than ’19, it’s heart is right in the middle of the best music years we have seen. People need to hear that, to feel it, and to recognize this is a tough 7″. Listen to both tracks below and pre-order after the stream. Top notch music coming out of ATA once again.

Get the record here, available April 26th via ATA Records.

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