DJ Suspect & Marc Hype: This Is DJ’s Choice Vol. 3

The sun is gonna shine regardless, and you know what, it shines a little brighter with the homies DJ Marc Hype (Dusty Donuts) and DJ Suspect (45 Live) get together and crush the compilation known as This Is DJ’s Choice Vol. 3. Exactly what you’d expect from these two talented selectors and turntablists, they dig deep into their record bags and put together a special blend of hip hop, funk, soul, boogie, and hard rocking beats for your mind. Some you know, some you might not know, but what we know, is that this thing hits hard. Forty fives galore (and you know how we feel about that), done tastefully, selected and mixed impeccably, this is one to listen to over and over. It’s a treat when we get one of these chaps to drop a mix, but put both of them together and they make it funky like The J.B.’s. This is just an eighteen minute plus snippet on the stream below, but you get the idea of what they can do. If you’re not familiar with these cats, then you need to get familiar. They rock stages all over the world, and if you can’t see them, this is the next best thing. Preserved forever on vinyl, it’s a welcome edition, a mix tape on vinyl for you to play at on your home system. Out on Unique Records Germany, it’s available on double vinyl, cd & digital for you listening pleasure. So whatever you need to listen to this project with, we suggest you find it online or at one of your better record stores and grab it. This one is indeed a future classic when it comes to mixes. Listen to the stream below, you’ll be playing it over and over again.

Bonus video footage of these cats in action with DJ Robert Smith:

Get the record here.

Dig Deeper!

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